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I said I was back from vacation but that only lasted a week. This past week I was gone again. Three days camping with the fam, home for 5 hours, and then off on a 3 day stay in Waikiki to celebrate our 20th anniversary. It was a great week.

During the 5 hours home on Wednesday I discovered two things. 1- my favorite big bag had a big tear in it and 2- I didn't want to take my purse because it is looking pretty worn. No one wants to carry a worn out purse and torn bag into the Waikiki Marriott Resort and Spa! So I quickly threw together this cute and easy bag:

My husband thought I was crazy when he walked in and found me cutting into fabric 30 minutes before departure time but I assured him I would be ready on time. 

And I was! This bag has 4 pieces that are attached with only 8 seams. The handles and upper part of the bag have a facing that only requires a few clips. The fabric was given to me so I'm not sure of the content but I think it is cotton with a little spandex. It feels nice and sturdy and stretches a tad to accommodate all my vacation must haves. No purse required. 

You may be wondering, as did my hubby, why I didn't start the bag earlier in the day? Because I was sewing an anniversary gift for Dave. A new board bag. He loves it!

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