Costumes: Laie Elementary Fall Play 2013 "Once Upon a Crime"

 The past couple years I have been heading up the costume crew for the Laie Elementary School Fall Play. This play is put together in the course of ONE week with close to one hundred elementary school students. My job is to get each of those kids in a costume for no more than $100. That's total! So for less than $1 per costume we do a lot of pulling from kids closets, borrowing from the community, reusing from years past and frantically building only what we absolutely must. Here is a small sampling of some of the costumes from this year's play.
The woodsmen. Their costumes were pulled completely from their own closets and then they built their props out of cardboard.

Our 1980's era Material Girls/Dancing Princesses used flower tutu's from last year's production, and bright clothes from home. We had to make a few new skirts and headpieces/wristbands.

Red Riding Hoods Cape, Snow White's outfit, and Hansel's costume were all made brand new for this production. Was so glad we found a large muu'muu for the Big Bad Wolf.

Our detectives were so excited to get these fancy felt moustaches to go with their all black from home outfits.

How do you turn a kid into a pig for cheap? Dress him in Khaki and pink and give him some ears and a snout. So grateful to the moms who put this gear together.

More princesses. This time with their favorite fancy dress from home and a few beautiful flowers on their heads.

My costume crew had a fun time putting together these fun masks for our wolves. I found the templates online and they whipped them up in no time.

The Fall Play is so much fun for the kids and parents and community to participate in every year. It is always a whirlwind in a week to get it together but so worth the efforts. I am so grateful for all the volunteers who come in and help with the production, coordination, and organization of this project.

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