Sewing Lessons and a new Serger

Yes, I am still on vacation. You can take the girl out of the studio but you can't take the studio out of the girl. I just couldn't help myself. We rarely get to see our little neices and nephews and I really want them to remember us and who we are. What better way than sewing lessons! I brought some beautiful Hawaiian print with me and they all got to take turns learning how to sew their own basic muumuu. It was so much fun to work with each of those little girls.

I also did a group lesson for the big girls (a group because they already knew the basics of sewing). We also made felt finger puppets that they really loved doing.

In the space left over from the used up Hawaiian print I will be stashing some material and sewing books I found here. I've been making my way into every fabric store I can find. Can't wait to get home to my own machines and put it all to good use.

Speaking of machines: not too long ago my serger broke down. It was right when I was finishing up the samples of the May Day costumes. It just started sewing slower and slower until it would sew no more. It was very sad. I had to borrow a friends serger to tide me over until I got to Washington where my new serger was waiting. It is a Pfaff Coverlock 4862. Yes, you read that right, a coverlock! I am so excited about this machine. It will really make my life easier and my work look fantastic.

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