Repair Workshop

Spent the better part of my day today doing repairs. I patched holes, resewed seams, fixed tears and replaced a few zippers.

The invisible zippers in both of these skirts had broken and needed to be replaced. I charge $10-$15 for zipper replacement. Cost depends on if it is an invisible zipper or regular zipper and whether or not there is a lining or topstitching, or other detail work. Ashley, the owner of these skirts, loves them and it was worth it to her to have the zippers replaced. While I was at it she asked me to make a pattern of these skirts also. She is heading out on a mission and would like a few replicas made.

The tie belt on this Jenny's blouse ripped out. Can you tell where? You have to look really close to see it. It was a really obvious rip before I got to it. Most small rips and tears are just $5 to fix. Some are even cheaper.

The thread in the whole backside seam of these boardshorts had disintegrated leaving it open from waist to crotch. Yikes! A little time and three rows of stitching later they are good as new again and ready for the big waves. $5.
In addition to the repair projects I also altered a few pairs of suit slacks and altered a swimsuit. Yep, a swimsuit! This young lady loved everything about her new suit except the way it fit her bum. It was loose and provided too much coverage (an unusual problem I think we all wish we had). I took in the extra fabric through the crotch seam and then reshaped the derriere to fit her the way she liked. I didn't take a picture for obvious reasons--did you really want to see a picture of someone's bum on my blog?

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