Laie May Day Costumes

Last year's May Day I worked on the 6th grade costumes. This year I worked on the 2nd and 4th grades.

 For the 2nd grade classes I made the patterns for the circle skirts. The pattern was the easy part. The difficult part was computing how many yards of red material would be needed for the ruffles. There is a lot of fabric hanging from those cute little hips!

The 4th grade classes combined to represent Scotland. Every student needed a kilt. For some strange reason plaid flannel is very difficult to find on the island so the choreographer ordered the plaid flannel a month or so ahead of time from JoAnn fabric online. A great idea but . . . not quite enough had been ordered. This put my patternmaking skills to the test. I had to create three different style kilts out of three different colored plaid and I was limited to the yardage that had been ordered.

Well, I love a challenge. I was able to create three very different styles (can't tell so much in this picture) that were very easy to make and we had just enough fabric to go around. Literally I think there was no more than 2 yards left over. WOW. A lot of credit goes out to those moms who did so much sewing and so carefully followed my cutting instructions.

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