Handmade Gifts: More Love Monsters

Sometimes it is fun to do something a little different. Most of my sewing work is on clothing. Sometimes I do Home Dec work and occasionally I do sports equipment (hammocks, stuff sacks, etc.). Every once in a while I have the opportunity to make something totally different like these Love Monsters. 

My daughters got me on a Love Monster kick a few years ago when we started making them as gifts for friends. These little monsters were also made as gifts and were inspired by a similar monster my husband saw on a business trip in Korea.

These guys  sit up at a mere 6 inches tall and are made of polar fleece. There were a lot of little parts and details like the embroidery, stitching around the eyes and the tiny ears but they did go together relatively quickly. The most detailed and time consuming part was stitching and turning the teeny tiny arms and legs. The best part of these little guys though was the happy reception they received when gifted. They are dearly loved in their new homes.

Check out the first Love Monsters we made

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