Custom Handstitched Ties

One of my favorite things to do is to make Men's ties and there's nothing better to make it with than beautiful tie silk. While in New York last December I had the opportunity to walk the Garment District and visit so many incredible fabric stores. I found this silk at Mood Fabrics (of Project Runway fame) and fell in love.

Because it is difficult to find the proper interfacing and linings for a fine tie I resort to other options. I hunt for ties at thrift stores and bum them off my dad and others who are donating ties because the fabric is outdated. Then I strip the tie and scavenge the interfacing from it. (In the past I have used the old fabric for "tie" dying  Easter eggs.) For the lining I usually just use the tie material. This does make it slightly bulkier and slightly more expensive (tie silk is $25 per yard and lining is $8-12) but I like the look and, as I said before, it can be difficult to find a suitable lining.

It is possible to make ties out of materials other than tie silk. I have made them from Aloha fabrics, cottons, taffetas and satins. I am often asked to make ties to match prom and wedding dresses. These ties were a special gift for my Father. He is a collector of ties and was so excited to receive these beautiful one of kind neckpieces.

If you are interested in ordering a custom tie give me a call. I charge $35 which includes the (recycled) interfacing.

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