Backstage Pass: Huckleberry Finn

My costuming class, THEA 141, hit it out of the park again. I am so happy with their work. I tell them what I want and they deliver.

We had very little sewing to do this time. Most everything was altering and repairing and crafting. The Duke and the King required suit alterations. Aunt Sally needed some lace on her dress and her apron repaired. The Hotchkisses needed lots of embellishments and ribbons added to their dresses. We created several bonnets and a fancy hat, a witch costume for Jim and a dress for Huck. We made some ties and pocket corners, tatterred a few hems and cleaned up a few wigs.

Here's what we ended up with:

The whole silly cast.

Lize and Jim flirting
It's a snake!
Aunt Sally scolding Huck and Tom

 I love my job! It is so fun to work on these projects and to teach these skills to the students in my class. We have so much fun together.

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