Tear Repairs

Jenny has three active boys and a penchant for keeping things looking good. Needless to say she is one of my best customers. I stitch up holes in seams, rips in pockets and snags in the body of the garments. Here is what she brought me this week all from her son Austin's wardrobe. 
Top pair: crotch seam repair. Middle pair: tear through the bottom of a patch pocket. Bottom pair: a hole in the front of the leg.
 Finished results

Some simple darning with a stabilizer on the backside of the fabric. Did it in a slightly contrasting thread to give it that distressed look the kids like so much.
Surprisingly the original top-stitching thread was still intact through the seam. I just stitched the seam back together and threw in some reinforcing stitches across the seam to keep it from tearing out again. Unfortunately not super pretty but it is for a little boy and it is in the bottom of the crotch seam.
Like the first repair this was done in a contrasting thread to give it a distressed look. Stabilizer was stitched into the backside to make sure this well used pocket stays hole free in the future.

Simple repairs like these are just $5 each and I can usually get them repaired and back to you by the next day.

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