BYUH Theater: Three Sisters

Just three weeks since the Winter Musical and we are on to our next production. This week BYUH theater presents "Three Sisters" by Chekoff.

I have not been shy about saying that I am not a fan of Russian literature. When the director asked me what I thought, when the actors asked me what I thought, when my family, friends or anyone asked me what I thought of the play I was perhaps too honest and declared, "I'm not a fan of Russian literature and I'm not a fan of this script either." But that has not kept me from doing my best to make sure the actors looked their part and felt good about their work.

In the last three weeks I have spent 90 hours working on this play. 21 of those hours were in the shop sewing, altering or conducting fittings. 12 hours were spent on procurement (shopping). 12 hours were spent on research and design--I suppose I should scan and upload my simple sketches. 15 hours were spent in class managing my student's as they went through the wardrobes and worked on projects as assigned. And 30 hours were spent at dress rehearsals and performances.

My students spent 21 class hours and 6 lab hours each in preparation for this play. I have 3 students so that is a total of 63 student hours plus, combined, they spent another 32 hours working the dress rehearsals and performances. That is a total of 95 student hours on this play.

My shop assistant spent 57 hours prepping for this play doing alterations, fittings, sewing and helping my students and me. She also spent 24 hours working the dress rehearsals and performances. Her total contribution to this play was 81 hours.

Between the 5 of us we spent a total of 266 hours on the costumes for Three Sisters.

There were 16 actors in this play, 9 men and 7 women. There were 11 full costume changes and many mini changes (swapping out a tie, throwing on a coat, etc.). There were 143 total costume pieces that were used. Only 20 of those had to be altered or embellished in some way and fortunately only 12 items were made brand new (5 of those were Ushanka hats).

After two plays back to back we are all pretty tired out and looking forward to the end of the semester. We have three weeks left of semester and my students will be spending that time on their final projects. They must design and construct a costume for themselves.

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