Emergency Pageant Dress Alterations

I got another panicked call this week: another mail order dress that didn't fit. Mari from Kahuku received the dress in the mail on Monday and desperately needed it ready for her daughter's pageant on Saturday. We quickly pulled our calendars together and made arrangements to meet.

Her daughter looked lovely in the aqua gown but the problem was immediately apparent: the dress was 5 inches too long even with heels on! The triple layer chiffon with a specialty hem treatment was the second problem. This dress could not be taken up by the hem. We quickly decided the simplest solution would be to take it up through the waist.

So this week I took the dress apart. I totally dismantled the skirt from the bodice. I took out the zipper. I chopped 5 inches off the length from the waist. I regathered the dress onto the bodice. I replaced the zipper. And then I restitched the lining in place. Viola! It fit perfect and she won Miss Congeniality!

Congratulations Dezarae!

Mail Order dresses can be a great deal especially from reputable dealers. (Dezarae bought hers from Amazon). But even the best dresses often need an alteration or two. When ordering a dress be sure to order it early enough to get alterations if necessary. Dezarae was so very lucky I had any time to fit her in. If you have ordered a dress and need some alterations give me a call, formals are my favorite kind of work!