Backstage Pass: Little Women

Just a few of the pictures I took from backstage. I'm hoping to get some better on-stage shots from the director soon.
The Hag. Costume designed by my student Shannon. Repurposed materials from other costumes.

Meg's Ballgown. Sewn by me and embellished by students.

Professor Bhaer. Rented costume

Chorus member Tiffaney for the ball scene. All items were found in our costume closet and altered to fit.

Aunt March. Costume items found in closet and altered to fit. Added dark trim to bottom and around hood. Students made the feather headpiece.

Chorus members Ben and Jacob ready for the ball scene. Suits from closet. They were in bad condition and we had to fix them up a bit using a lot of Sharpie and a little thread.

Chorus Member Preston ready for the ice skating scene. All costume items from "the closet".

Mrs. Kirk. Items taken from closet and altered to make her look twice her size. Pocket added on apron to hold Jo's telegram from home!

The troll (not yet in full makeup) Costume Designed by student Rebecca.

Meg's daydress. This dress was designed to be worn before Meg is married (skinny) to when Meg is married and pregnant (pictured above), and she wears it after giving birth as well (when she looks a bit plumper than in the beginning. A fun dress to design and build. Students embellished it.

Aunt March when she comes back from Paris. I designed and built this one too. The actress is giving me her best disdainful Aunt March pout in this pic but just after I shot it she twirled around, smiled, and said this is my favorite costume I've ever worn in a play.

Clarissa. Costume was from the closet but was dramatically altered for her onstage stunts. She has two tear away sleeves and a tear away bustled train. She also has some alterations to make it easier for her to sword fight and we tore out  several underlayers of the dress so she wouldn't trip and stumble.

Jo is a very difficult person to get a picture of backstage because she is usually not there. She is onstage the majority of the play. This dress is her opening costume and was from the closet and then embellished by students. She also had a ballgown and another daydress that were both made new (by me) for this play.

Amy (with Aunt March in the background) wearing her "back from Paris" dress. You can't see it in this picture but this dress sparkles under the lights. It is trimmed in pearled and sequined lace and looks so fancy on stage. It also has a big bustled butt and has such a nice silhouette from the side in her scene with Laurie.This is one of five costumes that Amy wore in the play and the actress said this is her favorite. Because she changes so often none of her costumes have real buttons they are instead velcro'd shut.

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