Alterations for Weight Loss

It seems to be the season for losing weight. I've been kept quite busy altering suits and trousers, shirts and skirts lately. Having your favorite clothes altered for your new size is a great way to celebrate your success!

Most clothes can be altered down at least 2 sizes. So if you used to be a size 16 ladies dress I can probably alter that dress down to your new size 12 body. If you used to have a 38 inch waist I can most definitely alter your suit pants down to a 34 and sometimes even lower.

In most cases the real limiting factor is the expense of the alterations. Taking in the dress can run $10-$20 or more. If it is a nice dress, one you love that is good quality then $20 is so worth it. Slacks or trousers will be about $20 also. Suit jackets start at $35 for taking some fabric out through the back.

If you've lost weight recently and are interested in getting your clothes altered to fit your new fit body give me a call. I'd love to see what I can do to help you out.

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