A New Venture: Costume Design and Construction Instructor

I started a new exciting adventure today. I am the new Costume Design and Construction Instructor at BYU-Hawaii. I am following in the footsteps of Sister Betty Bacon and Sister Teryl Soren. Both were excellent at what they did and I hope I can meet or exceed the expectations that they have set. I am looking forward to the challenge.

  Here are a few pics of my new digs: The Costume Shop located at the back of the McKay Auditorium. It is just big enough for my desk, small filing cabinet (for office supplies), large filing cabinet (for patterns), bookshelf (full of sewing, costuming and history type reference books), a big cutting table, 2 rolling serger desks and 2 rolling sewing desks. We also have squeezed in 1-2 rolling clothing racks and a tall plastic drawer set full of threads and notions. In the corner is a built in cabinet where we lock up all our machines, irons, and other equipment and next to that is a built in fold-out three-way mirror.

Though it is small it is pretty efficient and I like it.

We have two plays coming up this semester: Little Women and Three Sisters.

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