Men's Suit Alterations

It's been a busy month here at Sew Laie.  Not only have I been sewing and enjoying the last bit of summer with my kids but I've also been moving. We moved one block over to Moana Street, the curvy side. Our new house has a bigger yard for the kids and a larger sewing area. It is just what we needed.

Men's Suit Alterations

I don't have pictures to show but I am so happy with the work I did on a couple of men's suits. The owner lost over 20 pounds (!) and needed his suits to get him through to his goal weight of another 25 pounds down. No sense in buying a new suit when you won't be staying the same size for long.

One of the suits was originally a 41 inch waist and I was taking it down to a 35. To do this the pants had to be recut. A recut is a major endeavor in which the pants are completely disassembled, cut down to the new size, and then reassembled. The other suit was being taken down from a 38 inch waist to a 35 so it only needed the waist, seat and inner thigh altered.

Though the jackets could have used a shoulder adjustment the owner decided it just wasn't worth the expense to do it. He did have the sleeves taken up and the side seams tapered and vents adjusted though and these alterations greatly improved the jackets.

Congratulations Dave (Yes, my husband) for your progress and best wishes as you continue working toward your goal.  I'm looking forward to altering three new suits when you get there.

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