Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

I just finished four beautiful dresses for four beautiful sisters.  The Logan girls were getting ready to celebrate their brother's wedding in style wearing coral satin dresses. Though most of them were using the same fabric and the same style pattern all of them wanted their own spin on it.  Abby wanted a long dress with pleats and a tie. Liz wanted a calf length dress and 3/4 length sleeves. Eliza wanted a short dress with a big bow in the back. Hannah wanted a sheer band at the hem and a sheer tie at the waist.

We began talking about styles and making plans at the end of June. At our first appointment I took measurements and we discussed particulars. Our second meeting, the first fitting, was a few weeks later. Each girl tried on her unfinished dress so I could test out the fit and make sure everything was moving in the right direction.  There were a few adjustments that needed to be made and these were made note of at this time.

This week during the final fitting each girl tried on her finished dress to make sure it was perfect.  I taught them how to properly tie the bows so they wouldn't flop. We also talked about proper care and maintenance of a satin dress (DO NOT USE A HOT IRON!). At this final fitting we noticed a couple of simple adjustments were needed on one of the dresses.  I took that one dress home, made the changes--just a few stitches really--and returned the perfect dress a few hours later.

The one exception to all of the fittings was Abby. She lives in Utah so I was never able to meet with her personally.  She took her own measurements. When the dress was ready for the first fitting her brother took her the dress in Utah and she tried it on there. She took lots of pictures and marked it up with needed changes and we talked on the phone about what she wanted and needed. When the dress came back I made the changes, crossed my fingers and sent it back to Utah with her mom. We made sure it got there early enough to get it altered there if necessary. I am anxiously awaiting the report on that dress.

The wedding is this weekend and I've been promised pictures.  The girls looked fantastic at their final fitting so I can't wait to see them fully decked in their fancy shoes, jewelery and up-do's.

update: Here's the photos I downloaded from Facebook.  Thank you Logan's and I'm glad you had such a great time and felt so beautiful!

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