Handmade Gifts: Custom Men's Ties

Last month we were walking through Walmart (of all places) and Dave spotted this fabric and loved it. He wanted a tie out of it. Killing three birds with one stone I figured I'd make Father's Day ties for both our dad's with same the material. 

I was a little nervous that the material was too frilly looking but I did think it would be kinda cool and worth the experiment. I decided even if the dads only wore their tie once it was still a fun tie and gift.

Fortunately the ties received rave reviews all around. Dave loved it.  Dave's dad claims he got more compliments on it than he has ever received for any tie he has worn. My dad says he had at least one person ask him where they could get a tie like it (but I haven't received an order yet.)

If you have a fun material--or any material for that matter--that you'd like to have made into a tie contact me. I charge $25 for labor and the interfacing.

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