Patterns for Laie 6th grade May Day Costumes

I helped make the dresses for the 6th graders this year for May Day.  Though the dresses looked very simple it is never a simple task to make fitted tops for so many girls in so many sizes. But that wasn't the biggest challenge.  The biggest challenge was getting it all finished in just 10 days time!

The choreographer had one pattern--a very old, previously used pattern--that he wanted the costumes based on.  My job was to make copies of the pattern, sized appropriately, for all 20+ girls. It took me about 15 hours to hand draft the pattern into 6 different size ranges.  As I went I made special notations for a few of the girls who needed specific alterations on their dresses.

Once the patterns were produced they were divided between three seamstresses for production.  I was one of the seamstresses and spent another 15 hours sewing and fitting seven tops and seven skirts. The skirts were extremely simple with just an elastic waistband but the fitted tops were tricky with their one strap, side zipper and fitted bodice.

The end result was  fantastic.  The girls loved their dresses.  They felt beautiful in them and they were easy to dance in. I'm glad I was able to help out.

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