Custom Costume Patterns

In Laie few holidays are taken more seriously than Halloween. Every man, woman, child and creature are decked out to the max. The streets are filled with revelers for hours and the candy bowls are seemingly bottomless.

Knowing this it should be no surprise that moms begin their costume making in June. Yes, June! At the beginning of June I received a request for a custom pattern for the Kitara Waterbender costume pictured below. They wanted the full-fledged, no holds barred, costume.  They wanted full range of motion and full function in case she decided to whip out some "moves". This was to be a quality costume that she could wear for Halloween and beyond.

Today I delivered this pattern to her.  The pattern is custom fit to the young lady's specific measurements using my new patternmaking software. This CAD program is excellent for basic designs and a real life saver for complicated pieces like this. 

If you have something special in mind for Halloween, or any other holiday or occasion, contact me for a free consultation and quote. Final patterns can be delivered by email and printed out on your own printer.

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  1. Loving all the dresses you do and all the touches of modesty was just wow.