Prom Alterations

I had the honor of altering this lovely dress for Kahuku Senior Tatiana.  This was a last minute alteration--she came to me on Monday night and the prom was on Friday. She had ordered the dress from China for a mere $109, unfortunately it arrived three sizes too big! The alterations I did took 9 hours to complete and cost her an additional $137. Here's what I did:

  • I took in the sides through the armpit, this of course includes also taking in the lining--which means I took in four side seams not two. 
  • Minor adjustments to the built in bra and corset.
  • I redistributed the extra fabric taken in on the sides to the gathered waist from just before the side seams all the way around to the back zipper. This was also done to the lining.
  • I shortened the sleeves through the back and added a hidden shoulder strap under the beaded sleeves. The straps added extra support so the weight of the beads wouldn't stretch the sleeves and make them flop off her shoulders.
  • I added additional beadwork as designed by the client to the sleeves including pearls and Swarovski crystals provided by the client. This took fully half of the alteration time.
  • I took up the hem on the chiffon over dress, the satin under dress and the polyester lining and used horsehair braid on the hem for added structure to the hemline.  I tapered the new hemline to the existing train.
  • I made a simple hidden hook bustle to accommodate dancing.
The end result was a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl.  Hope she had fun!

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