On Sabbatical

I have been accepted into a graduate program and will be studying Apparel Merchandising and Product Development through University of Arkansas' online Masters Program. I will not be taking any new sewing jobs for at least the next year.  I will continue to post weekend projects if I have any time for them.  I appreciate your understanding and support.

If you are in the Laie area and are looking for a seamstress there are a few here.  Look up Nan Schlag or Mindy Batt to start with.

May Day 2015--Queen's Dress

I love building dream gowns and this was one of those kinds of dresses.  Edyn came to me with a basic idea of what she wanted: something that looked like Queen Emma with dramatic hemlines and wide necklines with lots of embellishment. Edyn's Kumu wanted the dress to be form fitting so her dance would have more expression and would be emphasized. Edyn's mom wanted drama and rich colors.

Here are some of the inspiration images:

And here are some of the original design sketches:

And some of the first fabric options:

But this is what we finally came up with, the final design sketch:

The final fabric choices.  Gold for the body and Raspberry, Vanilla and Olive accents for the floral embellishments:

And the dress:

Back view but she is holding her train up.  The train is 8 ft long and is removeable so she can dance without it.

In action:

After the show:
Edyn on the right and me on the left

May Day 2015--Ladies in Waiting

My daughter watches me make dresses year round for other people and I rarely have an opportunity to make one for her. When she made May Day Court this spring the thing foremost on her mind was the dress that I would make for her.

My daughter (left) and her friend.
My daughter and the other representatives for Molokai.
 I made the satin dresses for the Island Ladies in waiting with the exception of the yellow and red dresses.

Lace Wedding Gown

Here is the wedding dress I made last month on the lovely Mrs. Rachel Watkins Toone.  Best wishes to the new couple!

Kahuku Prom 2015

Only had about a week from the end of the play to Prom but I managed to squeeze a few dresses in.  I did one custom dress, 5 dress alterations, a shrug, and 2 sets of suit slacks.  Here's a few pictures.

Beautiful Talianne loved her dress so much last year she asked me to make another.  She brought me her design ideas and I custom drafted the pattern for her and made her the dress of her dreams.  She looked stunning in the black and gold lace gown.

These lovely girls found their dresses in Chinatown and just needed a few adjustments.  The sister in blue wanted a shrug and a little taken in from the sides and the sister in red wanted some sleevelets.

I couldn't leave out my son! We purchased his suit at Nordstroms Rack and really lucked out. It was a great price and fit him pretty much right off the rack, only required a simple hem.

Behind the Scenes: One Tattered Angel

A picture recap on my latest BYUH production, "One Tattered Angel"
Director: Craig Ferre
Costumer: Me
Costume Assistant: Ingrid Veliz
Costume Crew (BYU-H THEA141 class): Taimi Kennerly, Nhil Banda, Mandi Veech, Christina Smith, Eseta Clanton. Check their blog, Behind the Scenes.

One Tattered Angel World Premiere. November 6-9, 2014. Written by Blaine Yorgason. Adapted for the stage by Craig Ferre. Cast from left to right: Kevin Brady, Kevin Holley, Zackary Cusworth, Jessica Hunter, Colin Carlson, Libby Templeton, Kimberly Kitto, Cameron Abaroa, Aliyah Qureshi, Keola Holt, Dannia Tan, Michaela Bayona, Adam Call, Hidden Canite, Lizzy Saylor, Chris Cornelison, Ingrid Veliz, LeGrand Lawrence.
Cast Pictures in no particular order

Actor Hidden Canite played two parts. He was the TEMPLE SEALER  and he was a CHAPEL GUEST. This is his temple sealer costume. Brother Ferre wanted him in the wheelchair and in the grey wig to make him look older. This tan suit was the only suit we had in our wardrobe that fit him well so that's why he was in this. The 70's looking tie kinda dates him to being older than the 1980's (hopefully). For the chapel scene he removed the jacket and wig and switched to a red tie.

Actor Kevin Holley played the part of STEVE YORGASON and a CAROLER.  He brought his own slacks, shoes and belt from home and wore an 80's looking shirt. For his other costume he added a Christmas sweater, scarf and Santa hat, all of which were found in the costume wardrobe.

Actor Kevin Brady played the part of  NATE YORGASON and a CAROLER. Kevin brought his own slacks, belt and shoes and wore a shirt and tie from the costume wardrobe. His second costume was a Christmas sweater, scarf and santa hat from the costume wardrobe.

Actress Libby Templeton played the part of TAMI YORGASON. She originally had three costumes but because of complications with scene changes we reduced it to two. I think this turned out better anyways because it helped the audience keep track of her easier. Both of these outfits were pulled from the costume wardrobe, even the high waisted button-fly jeans!
From left to right we have actors Cameron Aberoa playing BLAINE YORGASON, Kimberly Kitto playing KATHY YORGASON, Lizzy Saylor playing BRENDA GALLAGHER (she was also a nurse), and Chris Cornelison playing KEN GALLAHER (he also played a doctor). Blaine and Kathy's costumes were very complicated because they were in all but a few scenes, more on that later. Brenda wore some great high waisted loose fit jeans and a floral crop blouse with shoulder pads worn with some slip on shoes. Chris wore some high waisted jeans and an oxford. His jeans may have been women's jeans. These were all found in the costume wardrobes.

Actor LeGrand Lawrence played the part of FRED. Fred is a dishwasher at the hospital so we went with the basic food service look of black pants, white shirt and comfortable shoes. He brought these items from home. Mandy Veech from the costume crew made him the blue dishwasher's apron. She used materials from the costume department's fabric storage.

Actress Ingrid Veliz played the part of CAROL and she was also a CAROLER and a CHAPEL GUEST. Ingrid is also the assistant to the costumer. Ingrid found this denim skirt and sweater set in the costume wardrobes also.  The skirt was shortened and turned around backwards so that the kickpleats were visible, to add interest. She added a blue bow to her big 80's hairstyle.  She wore this costume as a chapel guest also but changed to be a caroler. She wore a Christmas sweater, some baggy jeans, a scarf and a santa hat.

Actress Michaela Bayona played the part of MARY ANN and was also a CHAPEL GUEST. This costume was a simple jumper worn with a sweater and some keds and poofy socks. Her second costume was a red jumper with the same sweater and shoes. These costumes were all pulled from the costume wardrobe.

Actress Keola Holt played the part of MARGIE. Margie is a friend who is a nurse so she had two costumes. This first one was  a traditional nurses dress with hat, white nylons and white tennis shoes. We had several dresses in the costume wardrobe but none that fit her. Costume crew-member Eseta Clanton successfully harvested some material from a second dress to make this one fit correctly. It looks great and you can't even tell. Great job Eseta! The nurses hats were cut from cardstock. Assistant Ingrid Veliz found the pattern online and crew-member Nhil Banda took the pattern down to the print shop to get it sized and printed. Keola's second costume was a denim shirt with floral accent, peach blouse, denim skirt and keds, also found in the costume wardrobes. Also pictured are actresses Lizzy Saylor (left) and Kimberly Kitto (right) mentioned in previous photos.

This is another picture of Keola and Kimberly and is the first time we see BABY CHARITY and actress Jessica Hunter playing MICHELLE YORGASON. Kimberly is wearing an apron custom made for the show by costume crew-member Eseta Clanton. We wanted an apron that looked very frilly and 80's and that had a lot of coverage so that it almost looked like a different dress. The materials for the apron were all from the costume shop fabric storage. Jessica was styled primarily by crew-member Taimi Kennerly. This is only one of her four outfits. Because she was young she got the trendiest clothes in the play and again, they were all from the costume wardrobe. These pink keds, loose fit, pegged leg jeans, shirt with shoulder pads and vest was the most conservative of her outfits. She also wore a bold aqua and white striped drop waist mini dress with black and white polka dot legging shorts. Another scene she had the same shorts with an oversized white sweater and a big bow. She also wore a white long-sleeved t-shirt with some overalls and a big bow. We purchased jelly bracelets for her to wear. This was the first item we purchased for the play.

Actor Colin Carlson played DAN YORGASON, and actor Zackery Cusworth played TRAVIS YORGASON. The Yorgason family was a conservative Utah family so we played it pretty safe with everyone. Most of our 80's looks were very subtle. Dan had several costume changes. He always wore jeans and he alternated between rugby shirts, polos and button downs. Travis had to wear pajamas and slacks and jeans and he also alternated between button downs and rugby's and this vest. These costumes were all found in the costume wardrobe.

Actress Aliyah Qureshi played the part of SHARON the social worker. She had three costume changes. All of them were power business attire with great shoulder pads, pearls, white nylons and pearls.

Pictured here with Cameron (right) is actor Adam Call. He played the part of MAX and he was also a CHAPEL GUEST and SANTA CLAUS. In this photo he is wearing his chapel guest costume even though it is supposed to be the moving scene. We were taking photos out of order. He brought the shirt, shoes and belt from home and we found him the pleated slacks and tie from the costume wardrobe. For the scene as max he wore a different pair of pleated slacks, a braided belt and a pastel striped, short sleeve button down that was so totally 80's. I wish I had a picture of that! We borrowed the santa suit from the University Communications officer who plays Santa every year for the University Christmas Tree lighting. Adam is a skinny kid so we added a fat suit under the santa suit. He still looked pretty skinny.

The medical staff played by actors Keola Holt, Lizzy Saylor, Chris Cornelison, and Dannia Tan. I've already introduced you the the first three previously and don't feel I need to say anything more about them with the exception of Chris' lab coat. We borrowed the lab coats for both Chris and Dannia from the Chemistry department and Brother Ferre borrowed the stethoscopes from BioChem. Thank you costume crew-member Christina Smith for your "in" with the Chemistry department. Actress Dania Tan played the part of "DR WALKER". Dannia is very short so we put her in heels and found her a pair of slacks that we altered to fit her long--trying to make her look taller. She wore the lab coat with a pink blouse under it. She rolled the pink blouse and the lab coat sleeves up so the pink showed and the color of the shirt she prepped up. It had a big chin bow on it too so that was, of course, fluffed to be bigger. Dannia had a lot of fun with her loud (but classy) 80's eye shadow, earrings and poofy bangs.

Here's another picture of Dannia and also a shot of our two main actors. More on them in a minute.

I caught a picture of Brother Ferre! This is rare. I'm just throwing it in for fun. No costume notes on this picture.

Kimberly Kitto and Cameron Abaroa. They played KATHY YORGASON and BLAINE YORGASON. Their costumes were very complicated simply because they had so many quick changes. They were in practically every scene and the play follows them through over 8 years of their life. We had to figure out how to get the audience to realize that time was passing without changing complete outfits. There were also a LOT of scene changes. Blaine basically wore his black pants and a tan t-shirt and this cream polo the whole time. He would then layer different items over or take items off right down to the tan tee. He had pajama pants that he would pull over his slacks, he had a robe that he would pull on over his tee. He also had a blazer, a red cardigan a red shirt, a plaid shirt, and a winter jacket all layered at various times throughout the play. Kimberly too layered up. Cameron was the only person we ended up buying costumes for. The items purchased for him were a tan tee-shirt, a plaid pajama set, a long robe and a cream polo shirt. She had a nightgown, a dress, 2 robes, another dress, 3 cardigans (2 were the same but on opposite sides of the stage) and this last dress. If you really want to see how it all fit together check out the costume dressers' directions in this document. It is what we posted in the wings to guide our dressers through the changes every night.

Beautiful Nu'u

I was honored to work with Kahuku's homecoming queen this year.  She didn't have much notice but fortunately she already had a good idea of what she liked. This custom full length princess seamed formal has a lace overlay, scalloped neckline and cap sleeves.